The countdown is on and your trip will be here before you know it!  While you are waiting, be sure to take the time to review your tour itinerary, ask your teacher or group leader any questions you have about your tour, and go over your packing list with your parents.

Consider becoming a Student Ambassadors
Are you motivated, creative, and persuasive? Consider becoming a Student Ambassador.  Their role is to help their teachers make the tour a reality by spreading the word within the school and community. As a Student Ambassador you get to share your enthusiasm for the trip and earn a 10% discount off of your tour or even win a free trip!

Student Ambassadors will use the Ambassadors’ checklist for ideas on ways to spread the word and generate excitement. PLUS! Every Student Ambassador will be automatically entered to participate in contests hosted by Dream Big Youth Travel for the chance to win cool prizes like a GoPro camera, Beats by Dre, fun travel accessories, and free trips! Make sure to connect with us on social media!